Reed Diffuser Set
Reed Diffuser Set
Reed Diffuser Set

Reed Diffuser Set

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Our Reed Diffusers are great for those "No Candle Zones" such as offices, dorm rooms and homes. A very easy, effective and safe way to give a burst of fragrance to your air.

Fragrances available:
-Butt Naked
-Good Vibes

Get the most from your Diffuser!

-Position is key, place your diffuser in a location where air circulates. This ensures the scent is carried around your chosen room.

-If possible, try and keep away from direct sunlight, this can cause discoloration of the reed liquid and can also cause the diffuser to run out quicker.

The first time you use your reed diffuser, simply dip the reeds in the oil, then carefully flip them so the dry ends go in the oil. Flip your reeds about once a week for maximum scent dispersion. Reed diffusers are perfect for areas that where you cannot burn candles such as a baby's room or a college dorm.

Do not consume, keep away from small children & pets. If a spill occurs, wipe up immediately as the oils may damage some finishes.

Reeds and Fragrance Oil are included with your order for a nice gift set.

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